Two Page Spread 18.25" x 11.125" 18" x 10.875" .375” from page trim 17" x 9.75"
Single Page 9.25" x 11.125" 9" x 10.875" .375” from page trim 7.875" x 9.75"
2/3 Page Vertical 6" x 11.125" 5.75" x 10.875" .375” from page trim 5.1875" x 9.75"
Junior Spread 18.25" x 5.6875" 18" x 5.4375" .375” from page trim 17" x 4.75"
1/2 Page Vertical 4.625" x 11.125" 4.375" x 10.875" .375” from page trim" 3.825" x 9.75"
1/2 Page Horizontal 9.25" x 5.6875" 9" x 5.4375" .375” from page trim 7.875" x 4.75"
1/2 Page Island 6" x 8.125" 5.75" x 7.875" .375” from page trim 5.1875" x 7.1875"
1/3 Vertical 3.25" x 11.125" 3.0" x 10.875" .375” from page trim 2.5" x 9.75"
1/3 Page Horizontal 9.25" x 4.125" 9" x 3.875" .375” from page trim 7.875" x 3.125"
1/3 Page Square 6" x 5.6875" 5.75" x 5.4375" .375” from page trim 5.1875" x 4.75"
1/4 Page Vertical N/A N/A N/A 3.825" x 4.75"
1/4 Page Horizontal N/A N/A N/A 7.875" x 2.25"
1/6 Page Vertical N/A N/A N/A 2.5" x 4.75"
1/6 Page Horizontal N/A N/A N/A 5.1875" x 2.25"
1/8 Page Horizontal N/A N/A N/A 3.825" x 2.25"


Saddle Stitch
Magazine trim size: 9" x 10.875"

Live Matter Safety

  • For full page ads, all live content intended to print must be kept at least .25" inside trim size.
  • For spread ads, all live content should be kept at least .25" from gutter for each side.
  • For safety information on partial ads, please refer to the mechanical specifications above.

Electronic Files (Preferred for All Ad Materials)

Electronic Files: Electronic files can be submitted on either CD, DVD or sent to our FTP.

High-resolution PDFX-1a is the preferred format, but we will accept EPS (with type outlined) or application files: Quark 11.0, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop CS5. If sending application files, please be sure to include all supporting links (images, logos, etc.) and fonts (printer & screen). Microsoft Publisher, Word, PowerPoint and Pagemaker are unacceptable formats.

All color MUST be built in CMYK mode, not RGB. All color ads should be supplied with a "hard" color proof. We will accept a PDF for proofing, but be aware that every monitor renders color differently.

Publisher will not be responsible for color if a proof is not provided.

Digital ads may be e-mailed to:

Additional Charges

Advertiser-submitted files that are not output ready or do not meet our specifications will incur an additional prep charge of $100 per hour, billable in quarter-hour increments.

FTP info

Large files can be transmitted to us via our FTP site, although you will need an FTP program such as Fetch or Transmit to send files. File should be Stuffed or Zipped before sending.**

Please contact your sales represenative to retrieve the FTP connection and login information.

Please place files into the Incoming E&P Advertiser's folder After files have completed sending, please send an e-mail to with the file name and location.

**Note: When naming files, do not use any spaces or grammatical symbols in the file name, with the exception of an underscore.